Do I need to pay taxes in Norway?

If you stay in Norway for more than 183 days in a 12-month period, or more than 270 days in a 36-month period, you are considered a tax resident, in which case you will need to pay tax in Norway.

If you are not a tax resident in Norway but still have some types of income and wealth in Norway, you are also liable to pay tax in Norway.

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Examples of income/wealth:

Source: The Norwegian Tax Administration (Skatteetaten)

Tax deduction/exemption card

If you are working in Norway, you will need a tax deduction or exception card. Application can be done online

Wealth Tax

Norway imposes a tax on wealth and this is based on the amount of wealth that one has as of 31 December in each year. Bank deposits, shares, cars and real property are some examples of what is considered as wealth. The tax is imposed on net wealth ie wealth after deductible debt.

For more info, see wealth tax and valuation discounts.

Tax return

Employees will receive a tax return in March or April every year. The deadline for submitting a tax return is 30 April.

Tax assessment

There is no specific date when you will receive your tax assessment but you can generally expect to receive it sometime between March and November.

If you've paid too much tax, you will receive a tax refund.

If you've underpaid, you will receive an invoice with information on how and when to pay.

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