Talent Hub Agder

Regular Seminars and Meetings 

Talent Hub Thursdays

Join us at our Talent Hub Thursday meetings every Thursday where you will receive information on career related topics from experts in their field. 

Our goal is to work with you, the job seeker, in determining where you’re at with your job search and what type of guidance you may need to secure a job successfully. We will connect you with our trusted pool of resources so together we can find the relevant support you need to become a more qualified job seeker.

Get the latest information about the topics that will be covered on Talent Hub Thursdays on Facebook.

Talent Hub Info and Drop-in Session

On a monthly basis we have a meeting for newcomers on the third Thursday of every month*. This is our Intro session where newcomers are introduced to our Talent Hub programme and can sign-up to work with a specialist to help with their job search. 

Following the Intro session we will have a Drop-In hour. Everyone is welcome to attend the Drop-In hour which is career focused and differs from our weekly Thursday morning Drop-in sessions where we offer help regarding your relocation to Norway. 

*see more info on our dates below

Here is where you can help us to help you: register your interest in being part of Talent Hub. In so doing, we get to know you and are better able to guide and direct you to the relevant resource(s) that can prove useful in your job search.

Make an appointment with us by emailing us and letting us know when you’d like to drop-in and what you’d like to talk about so that we can help you more effectively.

Talent Hub Thursdays 


  • 13:00 - 14:30, every Thursday except the third Thursday of the month

Get the latest dates and info on our seminar topics on Facebook

Talent Hub Intro & Drop-In session

Time - on the third Thursday of the month:

  • 13:00 -14:00 Information on the Talent Hub Agder programme
  • 14:00 - 15:00 Drop-In  

*Check for updates on our dates on Facebook as sometimes the meeting may not fall on the third Thursday of the month due to special circumstances. 

Talent Hub Database

Our Talent Hub Database contains vital information on the skillsets and qualifications of international talent that already reside in Agder.

Whether you’re an international talent or an accompanying spouse looking to showcase your skills and qualifications to get a foot in the Norwegian job market, or a business or organisation looking for highly competent workers for your industry, the Talent Hub Database is a valuable and indispensable resource for you.

Courses and Programmes

Job Start Agder

March 5,7,12 &14

Job-Start Agder is a 4-day intensive course targeted at international job seekers with higher education, who have gaps in their CV and are unfamiliar with the Norwegian work environment and culture.

The aim of the course is to equip internationals with the necessary tools required to fast track their job search process.

To facilitate this, Welcome Hub Agder has collaborated with organisations and international companies which can offer specialised knowledge and impart necessary skills required to secure a job.

The course will include presentations and workshops that will:

  • identify and describe informal and formal competence
  • identify the pre-requisites for enrolling in formal education that is approved in Norway
  • explore job seeking “tools” such as CV and cover letters and tips on how to make them better
  • navigate cross-cultural communication in the Norwegian workplace
  • provide a speed-networking opportunity - where participants have the chance to connect with local organisations similar to a speed-dating session

Mentoring Programme

The knowledge and network of someone with experience from Norwegian working life can be a vital resource to highly skilled internationals who are new in Norway and looking for job. Joining a mentoring programme can help with this.

Sammen om en jobb (SAJO) runs regular mentoring programmes where you are paired with mentors who have the same educational background as yourself. Together, you will work towards your goal of securing a job that is relevant to your qualifications, over a period of six months.

You will also meet other mentors and participants to build a professional network, gain access to relevant seminars and get valuable insight into Norwegian work culture.

In order to qualify for the programme, you will need to:

  • have come to Norway from another country
  • have higher education (minimum bachelor's degree)
  • be looking for your first relevant job in Norway
  • have a residence permit in Norway for at least 9 months
  • be proficient in Norwegian in at least A2 level

Enrol here 

Our collaborators

Impact Hub Agder

Arendal municipality

Agder county municipality


Caritas Arendal

Arendal adult education

Last modified 29 February 2024
Welcome Hub Agder is a programme operated by Inklusiv Agder AS in collaboration with the Arendal Municipality, as an integrated part of the community to welcome international talent and their families to Arendal and Agder.
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