From left: Yaser Timim (Frameworks), Simen Wik (Frameworks), Tonje Holand Salgado (Welcome Hub Agder)

New Digital Competence Database launched for International Talent residing in Agder

Welcome Hub Agder in collaboration with Frameworks AS has launched a digital talent database for international talent in Agder called Talent Hub Database. 

The newly launched talent database is an innovative platform simplifying the recruitment process for businesses and organisations in Agder, and is specifically aimed at both local talents and newcomers with valuable skills seeking opportunities in Agder.

In the talent database, individuals can register and highlight their skills, experiences, areas of expertise, and educational backgrounds, thereby helping to create a dynamic and diverse work environment capable of meeting the region's growing needs.

The database seeks to address Agder’s growing predicament  regarding competency challenges and integration. The influx of international talent in Agder is as a result of the anticipated significant growth in both its business and population. The database will be an effective solution to connect local businesses with international talents who have recently made Agder their new home and are eager to contribute to the local job market.

“Agder, and Norway, is in need of international competence to meet our demands. As we hire from abroad, these talents often have a spouse or partner with equally high competency they bring with them. If we want these valuable newcomers to stay we need to support the spouses in finding meaningful work. The talent database connects businesses with competence that already resides in the region.” says Megan Strand, CEO of Welcome Hub Agder.

Norway has been ranked among the worst in the world in terms of integration and well-being among international migrants (Expat Insider, 2023). This often leads many to leave Norway after a short period, which can also have a negative impact on Agder’s business.

To address these challenges, it is crucial to nurture, integrate, and support both the competency recruited to Agder and their families. 

“We invite businesses, organisations, and talents in Agder to explore the opportunities that the database offers. By gathering a diversity of skills in one place, we take an important step towards strengthening our region's position as an attractive place for innovation and growth,” said Simen Wik,  CEO, Frameworks. 

For more information, visit Talent Hub Database

About Welcome Hub Agder

Initiated by Impact Hub Agder and Arendal Municipality, Welcome Hub Agder (WHA) leads the way in supporting international talents in their integration process while meeting businesses' needs for recruitment and retention of international talent. With a two-pronged strategy, WHA has developed measures that not only facilitate the transition for newcomers and their families but also strengthen local communities, businesses, and organisations through courses, events, and networking. WHA acts as a bridge between talent and businesses, contributing to creating a more dynamic and diverse business environment in the Agder region.

About Frameworks

Frameworks focuses solely on developing feature-rich websites and great digital solutions, specialising in development, design, security, and operations. They have assisted with design, coding, user experience mapping (UX), and have been an ideal partner for the development of the talent database.

Source: Expat City Ranking 2023

Megan Sommer Strand 
Tel: 948 44 518

Welcome Hub Agder is a programme operated by Inklusiv Agder AS in collaboration with the Arendal Municipality, as an integrated part of the community to welcome international talent and their families to Arendal and Agder.
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