So you've decided to rent. What are your obligations as a tenant and what are your rights?

The Tenancy Act stipulates what rights that you as a tenant is entitled to.

Some note-worthy stipulations:

  • The tenant is not obliged to pay rent for more than one month in advance.
  • The rent must be a fixed amount, unless otherwise agreed to by both the tenant and the landlord in the tenancy agreement. Both parties can agree, for example, that electricity, heating, water andor sewage charges will be paid separately on the basis of consumption in addition to the agreed upon rent. Other additions are not permitted.
  • The tenant has a right to let his/her immediate family move into the dwelling.
  • The landlord cannot enter the dwelling without the tenant's consent.
  • Run-down properties can be rented out but they must be approved for human habitation and cannot be considered a health hazard.
  • the landlord is obliged to repair any defects to ensure that the condition of the dwelling is in accordance with the tenancy agreement. This does not, however, include defects that the tenant knew about before signing the tenancy agreement. 
  • The tenant can demand a reduction in rent or withhold the rent if the landlord refuses to repair the defects. It is also within the tenant's rights to terminate the tenancy agreement if the defects are substantial.
  • The period of notice of termination is effective from the first day of the next calendar month. 
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