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Schooling in Norway is compulsory for children from the ages of 6 to 16. Parents may opt for their children to attend kindergarten from the age of one. 

The school year typically begins in mid-August and ends in June the following year. It consists of two terms with short Autumn, Christmas, Winter and Easter breaks.

Here's a comprehensive list of links to schools in the area - thank you Google Translate!


Kindergartens (public)


While you can apply for a place at a kindergarten all year round, the deadline for application to attend kindergarten in August (start of school year) is March 1. Application is done online and you are required to apply to a minimum of 3 kindergartens or a maximum of 5.

Below is a list of the websites to private and public kindergartens in the area and it's advisable that you research your preferred kindergartens before applying.  

You will require a Norwegian social security number and your MinID or BankID in order to apply. However, if you do not have these yet, you can contact the friendly staff at Arendal municipality for help. 


Dorthe W Rasmussen
Tel: +47 99 01 86 74

Borghild Aasbø Aalvik
Tel: +47 90 51 59 22

Kindergartens (private)

Primary and lower secondary schools: Grades 1 -10


Children usually start primary school in the calendar year they turn 6. You can apply for a spot at a primary or lower secondary school all year round. But typically, everyone who is registered in the population register in the Arendal municipality will receive an enrolment letter from the local school by Christmas the year before school starts. You are advised to contact the local school if you have not received such a letter. 

Alternatively, you may also contact the friendly staff at Arendal municipality if you require more info and assistance. 


Øystein Neegaard
Tel: +47 97 15 43 69

Frode Olsen
Tel: +47 95 05 37 86

Tel: +47 92 81 14 47

Upper secondary schools: VG1 - VG3


March 1 is the application deadline for regular admission to upper secondary school and placement for an apprenticeship as an apprentice.

February 1 is the application deadline for admission with preferential rights, as a minority-language applicant or as an apprentice candidate.

Applications can be made via from the beginning of January each year.

For enquiries, you may email the Agder County Municipality at

For urgent matters, you can contact the county council's switchboard at +47 38 05 00 00 between 10:00 and 14:00

Private schools

Refer to the  schools' websites below for application deadlines


Refer to the  universities' websites below for application deadlines

After-school programme (SFO)

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