Public Transport


Agder Kollektivtrafikk (AKT) provides public bus services in Agder. You may wish to download the AKT travel planner (AKT Reise app) which gives you real time information on bus arrivals and departures at selected bus stops. Look out for information marked in yellow in the travel planner for all travel schedules and travel information.

You can buy a single ticket on board a bus with either cash or a credit/debit card but here's a tip - get a 40% discount on single tickets when you purchase a prepaid ticket using the AKT Billet pay-as-you-go credit on your travel card.

Prices vary according to the type of period ticket, age group and number of travel zones.

You can purchase the following types of tickets with the AKT Billet app:

  • 30-day ticket (link) for all age categories which allows unlimited travel within Agder and the validity range
  • 7-day ticket (link) for those in the of 30-66 year age category and allows unlimited travel within the validity range
  • 24-hr ticket (link) for those in the 4-66 year age category and is only valid for travel within the zone that you’ve purchased the ticket for

The travel card is available either as a 30-day ticket or a 180-day ticket. Prices vary according to the period, age group and number of travel zones.

Travel planning app, AKT Reise:

Ticketing app, AKT Billett:

Customer Service
Tel: +47 38 03 83 00
Address: Peder Thomassons gate 6, 4843 Arendal

Office hours
Mon - Fri 10:00-15:00
Weekends - Closed


Route Information
Tel: 177 (within Agder)
Tel: +47 815 00 194 (outside of Agder)
Mon – Fri: 10:00-15:00
Weekends: Closed   

If you’re keen to venture a little further, Vy (formerly known as NSB) offers long-distance bus services all around Norway, stopping at almost 1400 bus stops including at Harebakken Arendal, Grimstad and Kristiansand.  

Download the Vy Bus app and embark on new adventures!

Customer Service
Tel: +47 407 05 070

Office hours
Mon – Fri: 8:30 -13:30
Weekends, public holidays: Closed

NOR-WAY is another bus operator offering long-distance bus services all around Norway, including to popular destinations such as Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim.  

Download the NOR-WAY Bus app for information at your fingertips!

Customer Service
Tel: +47 22 31 31 50
Email: Customer service form

Office hours
Mon–thu 08:00 – 17:00, Fri 08:00 – 19:00
Sat 09:00 – 15:00, Sun 12:00 – 19:00


Vy offers train services including those plying along the Arendalsbanen line, which runs from Nelaug and terminates in Arendal.

If you’re heading to Oslo or Stavanger for example, you would take the train to Nelaug from the Arendal Station and switch to the Sørtoget line for a connecting train.

Go-Ahead Nordic operates both the Arendalsbanen and Sørtoget lines, and in addition, the Jærbanen line which runs from Stavanger to Egersund.

Getting to Arendal Station

The train station in Arendal is located at Møllebakken 15, 4841 Arendal.

By bus

The following bus services stop at/near the Arendal Station

Route 101
Route 102
Route 103
Route 110
Route 111


Free parking is available at the Arendal Station for a maximum of 14 days if you hold a valid train ticket.

Ways to purchase a train ticket

Online via Vy or Go-Ahead Nordic.

Ticket vending machine at the train station - note that many of these machines accept only coins or a bank card and not notes

On board the train – an extra 40 NOK is charged per ticket if you boarded at a train station which has a ticket vending machine.

Download the Vy app:

Download Go-Ahead Nordic app:

A season ticket is recommended if you travel frequently by train as it’s cheaper. You can choose from a 7-day, 30-day or 365-day ticket which allows you unlimited travel on your chosen route.

Customer Service - Vy
Tel: +47 61 05 19 10

Customer Service - Go-Ahead Nordic
Tel: +47 61 25 80 00

Office hours
Mon – Fri: 7:00-23:00
Sat: 8:00-21:00
Sun: 9:00-23:00
Weekends, public holidays: Closed 


Arendal & Grimstad Taxi offers 24-hr customer service so all you have to do is to call 07000 for a taxi. There are also taxis available at taxi-stands at Sam Eydes Plas in Arendal and Løkengården and Sorenskrivergården in Grimstad.

Prices depend on the day and time of travel. Pre-ordering a taxi up to 15-minutes in advance is possible at no additional cost.

Taxis to Kristiansand Airport (Kjevik) are available at fixed prices depending on the type of taxi and the point of embarkation. 

Download the 07000 App:

Customer Service
Tel: 07000 (order/booking)
Tel: 37 00 47 00 (customer centre)

07000 Arendal & Grimstad Taxi (I-Taxi AS)
Frolandsveien 6
4847 Arendal


Norway has several international airports, the busiest of which is Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL). Other popular airports in Norway include those located in Ålesund, Bergen, Bodø, Stavanger, Tromsø and Trondheim.

The nearest airport to Arendal is Kristiansand Kjevik Airport (KRS). It offers both domestic flights and a limited selection of direct international flights. You can take a bus, taxi, boat or drive to the airport.  

Domestic Travel

You are required to use Domestic Transfer when you are travelling with Norwegian, SAS, Widerøe, Flyr or Emirates from an international origin, and continuing on a domestic flight with Norwegian, SAS, Widerøe, Flyr or Emirates the same day. You must also have your boarding pass with you in this case.  

If you are not flying with one of these airlines, you must then go to the Arrival Hall and check in again. 

You will still have access to the Tax free shop before passing through customs. 

You will not use Domestic Transfer for the following destinations via the respective airlines.

  • Norwegian – Bastia, Bilbao, Burgas, Dubrovnik, Ibiza, Lisbon, Malta, Palanga, Pisa, Pula, Salzburg, Sarajevo, Split, Tirana, Tivat, Varna
  • SAS: Dubrovnik, Tivat, Pula, Salzburg and Split
  • FLYR: Alghero, Billund, Berlin, Dubrovnik, Geneva, Ibiza, Montpellier, Palermo, Salzburg, Thessaloniki and Zadar

Download the Avinor app:

Kristiansand Kjevik Airport
Tel: +47 67 03 04 00

Office hours
Mon – Sat: 4:30 -23:45
Sun: 4:30 -00:15

Last modified 6 November 2023
Welcome Hub Agder is a programme operated by Inklusiv Agder AS in collaboration with the Arendal Municipality, as an integrated part of the community to welcome international talent and their families to Arendal and Agder.
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