Boating License*

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Boating is a favourite pastime in Norway. If you’d like to get in on the fun then here’s some useful info on how and where you can get a boating license.

If you’re born after 1 January 1980, then you’ll need to get a boating license in order to operate a recreational craft under Norwegian flag of more than 8 metres in length or with an engine power of 25hp or more.

But if you are born before 1980, then you are allowed to operate a recreational craft of up to 15 metres without a boating license. However, The Norwegian Maritime Authority, encourages those who fall in this category to take the boating exam in any case. This is so as to show proof that you possess the necessary knowledge to operate a boat safely.

With a boating license, you are then allowed to operate boats of up to 15 metres without further restrictions on speed or horsepower.

In order to operate a recreational craft of more than 15 metres, you are required to obtain a Certificate for Deck Officer Class 5 Pleasure Craft.

What does getting a boating license entail?

  • You will need to take and pass a boating exam at an approved test centre (see below)
  • The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions which are compiled based on the boating exam curriculum
  • It can be taken in either Norwegian or English
  • The exam must be completed in one hour

According to the The Norwegian Maritime Authority, it is not compulsory for you to complete a course prior to the exam but it adds that most people find a course to be useful and educational.

Can I use my foreign boating license in Norway?

Yes, provided that:

  • You carry the original license with you
  • The license includes an English description of the license
  • You have an English translation of the syllabus covered by your license
  • The syllabus covers the curriculum for the Norwegian Boating License

Please contact Norsk Test AS or the Norwegian Maritime Authority if you are uncertain about whether your foreign boating license complies with Norwegian rules and regulations.

Where can I take the exam and/or course at in English?

Tommy Gjerland Opplæringssenter
Strengereidplatået 30
4810 Eydehavn, Arendal
Tel: +47 90 83 66 22

Brann Og Sikkerhetstjenesten AS
Vikaveien 29
4817 Hisoy, Arendal
Tel: +47 91 58 99 45

*for use only on recreational crafts and NOT COMMERCIAL VESSELS 

Source: The Norwegian Maritime Authority 

Last modified 6 November 2023
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