Welcome Hub Agder 

Welcome Hub Agder connects new residents with everything they need to “become a local!” in Arendal and Agder.

So let us help you get comfortable. Get in touch with us if you do not find the info you need on our website. 

Become a local with us

Events and courses to attend

  • Talent Hub Thursdays

    At our Talent Hub Thursday meetings, our trusted pool of experts will present a new career related topic each week that is aimed at fast tracking your job search process. Get the latest info on the next session on Facebook.

    Thursday, 25th April 13:00-15:00 @ Welcome Hub Agder, Torvgaten 7, Arendal

  • Coffee Connections

    Coffee Connections is the go to if you're new in Agder and would like to connect with people, exchange ideas and share tips on the everyday challenges of living in a new country.

    Thursdays, 10:00-12:00 @ Poléoland, Torvgaten 7, Arendal 

  • Drop-in

    Have any questions? Need advice on how best to move forward with issues related to settling in Agder and getting a job? We've got your back! Contact us to let us know you'll be coming over. We'd love to meet and help you.

    Thursdays: 10:00-13:00 @ Welcome Hub Agder, Torvgaten 7, Arendal

  • Learn Norwegian - new course in April and August

    Our Norwegian courses are designed to give you an initial taste of the Norwegian language, a sprinkling of Norwegian culture and an opportunity to grow your social network. Our courses fill up fast. Secure a spot now to avoid disappointment!

    Find out more about our Norwegian courses or contact us.  

  • Welcome to Agder

    Welcome to Agder is a meeting held on the first Thursday of every month where we get to know you and you get to know us. So if you've moved to Norway for a job or you're an accompanying spouse, come get acquainted with us. Let us show you what we can do to help you settle down in Agder easily and comfortably. 
    More info

    Thursday, 2nd May 12:00-14:00 @ Welcome Hub Agder, Torvgaten 7, Arendal

  • International Pub

    Head down to Steenhuset Vinbar where locals and soon-to-be locals get to know each other. 

    Steenhuset Vinbar is run voluntarily by a group of enthusiastic friends who organise concerts, quizzes, lectures and wine tasting, among others.

    On 3rd May, there will be a trivia icebreaker in English. Don't miss out on the fun!

  • Talent Hub Intro & Drop-In

    Our Talent Hub Intro & Drop-In session is a monthly meeting for newcomers held on the third Thursday of every month. Here, newcomers are introduced to our Talent Hub programme and can sign-up to work with a specialist who can help them with their job search process. A Drop-In hour will follow this session and everyone is welcome to attend. More info

    Thursday, 16th May 13:00-15:00 @ Welcome Hub Agder, Torvgaten 7, Arendal

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What members of our community say

  • I wish there was a “Welcome Hub” when I first came to Arendal. By participating in the Job Start Course I gained a lot of important information about the process of finding a job in Norway and about understanding the Norwegian culture, and this boosted my confidence. I liked that it was an interactive course and not just speeches with general advice. It was very interesting to meet people of different backgrounds.


    Moved to Arendal from Greece in 2019
    As a participant in the Job Start Agder course, I've experienced firsthand the invaluable insights they offer into Norway's work environment. In just a short duration, they impart knowledge that might otherwise take months to acquire. Welcome Hub Agder serves as the crucial bridge between employees and employers, facilitating connections and providing essential guidance for navigating the professional landscape effectively.


    Moved to Grimstad from Afghanistan in 2022
  • Attending the Job Start Agder course was great. We got useful information about Norwegian culture at work, what employers here expect, which will help us fit in better. Speakers from different fields shared valuable information with us and were always happy to answer our questions (and we had many questions!). I believe everyone who attends this course will find something useful and helpful for their life in Norway.


    Moved to Arendal from Sweden in 2023
    Welcome Hub has transformed my perspective on Norwegian work culture and the recruitment process. Through their Job Start Agder Course, I have acquired the skills, confidence, and invaluable insights into Norwegian corporate culture, which have prepared me for success in today's competitive job market.


    Moved to Arendal from South Korea in 2020
  • The first event I attended that was organised by WHA was a presentation on how to buy a house in Norway. Since then, I try to participate in as many events as possible because all of them help my family and I to learn more about the local community and meet new people to build lasting relationships. WHA opened the door for us to integrate into society. We are happy!


    Moved to Arendal from Hungary in 2022
    Welcome Hub always has a backup plan for you and it surprises you with fun and innovative ideas. From mushroom courses to Norwegian courses and sports activities, I keep on learning and connecting with people that share the same passions and have compelling stories to tell and inspire.


    Moved to Arendal from Greece in 2022
  • Welcome Hub has been a beacon of hope for me, as I adapt to a life in Norway. The team at WHA support, encourage and guide with unconditional love and kindness. Through the WHA initiative I have established strong roots and lasting friendships, and I am honored to be part of this generous community.


    Moved to Arendal from Israel in 2022
    Welcome Hub has become an important part of my life. Coffee Connections on Thursdays has become a time in the week where I meet new people, share experiences and ask questions related to life in Norway. The WHA team is passionate about 'making you feel welcome'.


    Moved to Arendal from the Netherlands in 2022
Welcome Hub Agder is a programme operated by Inklusiv Agder AS in collaboration with the Arendal Municipality, as an integrated part of the community to welcome international talent and their families to Arendal and Agder.
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