• Clothes Swap Day

    Did you know that 8 out of 10 people have clothes and shoes that they don't use anymore? The impact of this on the environment is not something that most of us think about when we buy new clothes. So let's do our part for the environment and save some money along the way. Let’s swap our clothes! For each item that you bring (in good condition and clean), you get a tag with which you can exchange for other clothing items. Any leftover clothes that do not get swapped will be donated to a local thrift shop.

    Saturday 22 April, 11:00 -15:00 @ Unwrapped, Torvgaten 7, Arendal

  • Humans of TEDxArendal 

    Bring a friend and join us for an evening of connecting - people to stories, people to ideas, people to people. The Humans of TEDxArendal is what makes TEDxArendal known to so many around the world ... and this event is all about gathering, connecting and showering them with affection. More info/registration
    Wednesday 19 April, 19:00 onwards @ Unwrapped, Torvgaten 7, Arendal

  • Norwegian course

    Learn Norwegian! Our courses are designed to give you an initial taste of the Norwegian language, a sprinkling of Norwegian culture and an opportunity to grow your social network. 
    Find out more about our Norwegian courses or contact us.  

  • Welcome to Agder - new date due to Easter holidays 

    Welcome to Agder is a meeting held on the first Thursday of every month covering a range of topics including moving to Norway, children and schools, health, transport, working life, and recreational activities and more.
    More info 
    Thursday, 13  April, 9:30-10:30 @ Welcome Hub Agder, Torvgaten 7, Arendal

  • Coffee Connections

    If you’re new in Agder and keen to widen your social network, exchange ideas and share tips on the everyday challenges of living in a new country, all while sipping a good cup of coffee, then come join us at Coffee Connections.
    Thursdays 10:00-12:00 @ Unwrapped Butikkafé

  • Drop-in

    Have any questions? Need advice on how best to move forward with issues related to settling in Agder? We've got your back! We're here to help you during our Drop-in service. 
    Thursdays, 10:00-13:00 @ Welcome Hub Agder, Torvgaten 7, Arendal

  • International Baby Group

    Have kids? Want to get out with your kids? And meet others and their kids? 
    Thursdays 11am onwards @ Unwrapped Butikkafé

  • Job Hub Agder

    If you're an international or a local wanting to expand your professional network in Agder, then Job Hub Agder is just the thing for you. 
    On the 3rd Thursday of every month, you get to connect with companies and find out about open positions. More info. 
    Date: Thursday, 20 April 10:00-12:00 @ Welcome Hub Agder, Torvgaten 7, Arendal

  • Become a local with us

Welcome Hub Agder (WHA)

Welcome Hub Agder connects new residents with everything they need to “become a local!” in Arendal and Agder. Funded by local businesses, service organisations and local municipalities, WHA is positioned as an integrated part of the community with over 100+ network organisations - together we provide information activities, networking opportunities and support with the Norwegian system to those that need it most.

The network behind WHA understands that moving here impacts the whole family, and this important life transition should be exciting and positive. So let us help you get comfortable. We think you’ll be here for a while!

Are you new to the region?

WHA is an information, networking, and service-center for newcomers in Agder and their families. The Welcome Hub Network understands that moving here impacts the whole family, and this important life transition should be exciting and positive. So let us help you get comfortable. We think you’ll be here a while!

Employing international talent?

WHA offers specific services to your international talent, making their transition to Norway easier. Once they arrive, our goal is to help the whole family thrive so they remain in the region for the length of their contract – or better yet are inspired to stay  longer! This means focusing on the accompanying spouse and ensuring connection with vital social networks outside of the workplace.

Want to join the WHA network of organisations?

Are you a service provider? A volunteer organisation? A special interest or non-profit organisation? Would you like to reach out to newcomers in Arendal and Agder? Then be part of WHA's network. Together we can work to connect newcomers in the area to services, events, networking opportunities and the information they need to navigate the Norwegian system. 
Register here

WHA events and programmes

Upcoming events

Want to buy a house, learn about the Norwegian pension system or how to forage for mushrooms? Or perhaps you'd like to start your own business, understand how to get a driver's license or just meet other people - foreigners and Norwegians alike?

Then our informational events and social gatherings are perfect for you. 



Sign up for our Norwegian courses!

Welcome Hub Agder, in collaboration with the Arendal Adult Learning Center has put together Norwegian courses for those eager to learn the language.  

The courses are designed for beginners and you'll get an insight into Norwegian culture and an opportunity to grow your social network - all in the company of others who are also new in Norway. 

Learn Norwegian

Coffee Connections

Fancy meeting people and making new friends over a good cup of coffee? Then Coffee Connections may just be what you're looking for. 

At the same, our friendly staff are available to answer any question you may have about your move to Norway - it's all part of our Drop-in service.  

Thursdays 10:00-12:00 @ Unwrapped Butikkafé

Coffee Connections

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Sign up for our newsletter and get information about our upcoming events, networking opportunities and other cultural events that are taking place in English.

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Welcome Hub Agder was founded by Impact Hub, Arendal Municipality and Arendal Chamber of Commerce as an integrated part of the community to welcome international talent and their families to Arendal and Agder.
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